What does NEOS do?

NEOS facilitates financing needs of a broad spectrum of companies. NEOS distinguishes itself by focussing on the unique characteristics of a borrower company, and on future cash-flow potential. Unlike banks, financing through NEOS is not necessarily reliant upon historic results and collateral only.

Loan size: Up to €10 million
Duration: 1 - 7 years
Repayment: Max 50% balloon
Interest rate: Fixed interest
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Business partners

NEOS works closely with a network of professionals consisting of corporate finance and debt advisors, investors, auditors, banks and business communities. These parties act as independent advisors to companies before, during and after the financing process, and have proven to contribute to the quality of process and outcome.

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In the current dynamic economy, timing is a crucial factor for companies. Therefore, NEOS has established an efficient and transparent process. If and when prepared thoroughly, the entire process may be completed in a few weeks’ time.

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NEOS is a direct lender with a leading position. We carry our vision of the market and information directly from lending through their own publications, press releases and events. We are happy to share information that we find relevant to our business partners and entrepreneurs.

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