What does NEOS do?

Business is changing faster than ever, and promising businesses need proper financing solutions to stand out and realise their potential. To empower these businesses, NEOS Direct Lending is devoted to provide tailored and flexible financing solutions.
Size: €750.000 - €10 million
Duration: 2 - 7 years
Payment holiday: Up to 1 year
Rate: Floating interest
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We work closely with a network of experts consisting of corporate finance and debt advisors, investors, auditors, banks and business communities. In collaboration with this well-experienced network, our team of professionals is able to provide you with high quality financing solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs, and guide you throughout the process.
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As the economy landscape becomes more dynamic and volatile, timely attracting financing has proven to be a vitally important factor to companies. In response, we have established an efficient and transparent process that results in completing the entire procedure in a few weeks time.
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NEOS is a direct lender with a leading position. We carry our vision of the market and information directly from lending through their own publications, press releases and events. We are happy to share information that we find relevant to our business partners and entrepreneurs.

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