Who does NEOS fund?

NEOS has a focus on promising companies requiring funding to continue growing their business. We focus on how the funding is used, not on the sectors in which the companies operate. We believe in “winners” in every segment. We take a forward looking approach, looking ahead into the future, not the past. Our guiding principle is the company's expected cash flow, not the existence of collateral.

Amount of loan: Max € 10 million
Duration up to 7 years
Fixed interest rate from 6%
Do you qualify? Contact us at info@neosdirect.com

Recent transactions

NEOS provides dozens of loans to companies in various business segments every month. The list below contains a selection of recently granted loans.

Cooperation with business partners

We believe it is crucial that entrepreneurs receive expert advice on funding issues. We therefore strongly advise each company to seek advice from independent specialist consultants amongst our business partners. Our business partner network includes accountants, lawyers, corporate finance advisors, debt advisors, banks and business community partners. Our extensive network of business partners are well equipped to assist the entrepreneur during the application process, as well as offering operational support in preparing periodic reports during the term of the loan..

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The process

We are committed to a clear and transparent financing process. Each business partner can easily run a “quick check” on the applicability of their case, based on a small number of financial data fields and a brief call with a NEOS Credit Manager. A full financing application is then prepared. An assessment of this application, including a company visit, will in principle be completed within 2 to 3 weeks. After the loan is granted, we expect the company, supported by the business partner, to report financials on a quarterly basis and update their financial forecasts annually.

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NEOS is a direct lender with a leading position. We carry our vision of the market and information directly from lending through their own publications, press releases and events. We are happy to share information that we find relevant to our business partners and entrepreneurs.

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