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NEOS Nieuwsbrief Mei 2017

NEOS Nieuwsbrief Mei 2017

29 May 2017


In our recent newsletter we informed you about our forthcoming rebranding towards NEOS. This rebranding has now been finalized. Therefore we are excited to announce that our refreshed website is live! Please take a look at The updated site shows our new corporate identity, and, importantly, includes selective customer and transaction examples. The website is available in both a mobile and a desktop version. We have also implemented a few smaller but impactful changes, in order to improve your user experience. We hope you can appreciate these updates, and welcome any feedback you may have.


Business partners have been and will be an essential part of our business model. We regularly organize Business Partner Events to keep in touch with the needs of the SME borrowers and engage with our partners. Reminiscent of our growth, the business partner event on March 23rd was attended by over 50 existing and new business partners from the Netherlands and Belgium. The next Business Partner Event will be scheduled in due course. Please do let us know at in case you are interested to join us for the next event.

We notice that the interest in direct lending is growing, and we are committed to contribute to the widening acceptance of direct lending solutions by both investors and borrowers alike. In recent weeks NEOS was pleased to participate as panelist at the Financial Investigator round table “Private Debt/Alternative Credit” and at the ACG Holland panel discussing “alternative lending”.

NEOS was also on a panel during the European Institutional Investor Summit in Noordwijk on May 17 to discuss various fixed income scenarios at the background of a possible reversal of interest rates. We advocated that institutional investors should consider committing to active investment strategies like direct loans that offer predictable cash-flow patterns, and healthy returns matching investors' liability structures.

Business growth

NEOS has a clear focus on supporting customers seeking to realize growth either autonomous or through acquisitions. We carefully consider the current business and management and our lending solutions always reflect (future) cash flows. Since the start of this year we have granted 35 new loans. We would like to thank all the business partners who have contributed to this portfolio growth and invite others to reach out as well. In case you would like to receive the NEOS brochure or other marketing material, please send us an email at

Most recently we have expanded our activities beyond the Netherlands and Belgium which has resulted in attractive leads from particularly Germany, but also Austria, Switzerland and the UK. We are keen to further our endeavors in these countries in close consultation with our esteemed business partners and Schroders organization. Kindly let us know if the expanded scope might also be of interest to your client base or your international affiliate network.

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