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NEOS team update November 2017

20 November 2017

Update NEOS Team

We are excited to announce that as of the 15th of November we have the following new joiners at NEOS:

Ruud van Dijck (Senior Investment Manager) 

Ruud started his career at ING Bank as assistant Account Manager. From 2006 to 2015 Ruud was a Strategic Finance consultant at ICC, performing multiple strategic finance assignments for a broad range of clients. Prior to NEOS he was an assistant Partner at White Forest, a debt advisory firm. NEOS will benefit from both the analytical and debt advisory skills as well as from the strong network Ruud has gained during his career.

Lemar Bachtiar (Credit Intern)

Lemar joins the NEOS team as an Intern at the credit department. Lemar is currently  busy with achieving his MSc in Economics and Law at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Lemar is an ambitious student, graduating Cum Laude from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Additionally, he has joined several student societies including the Legal and Economic Students Society.

Vasileios Tziampiris (Intern Marketing)

Vasileios joins as Marketing Intern. During his assignment Vasileios will focus on Brand Building and Lead Generation through various marketing campaigns. Vasileios is currently pursuing his Msc in Marketing at the University of Tilburg. Vasileios has a strong interest in marketing, with previous experience ranging from a brand assignment for Deloitte Greenhouse to his participation in the Circular Challenge in Venlo.

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