Flexible finance solutions for your growth.

We believe in winners in every sector, and whether driving innovation, growth, acquisitions or mergers, we have the right solution tailored to your needs.



Business is changing faster than ever, and promising businesses need proper financing solutions to stand out and realise their potential. To empower these businesses, NEOS Direct Lending is devoted to provide tailored and flexible financing solutions.

Since its foundation in 2012, NEOS has proven to be a reliable and transparent financing partner to many companies over the last few years. Till now, we have empowered more than 200 enterprises, and we happily saw them standing out and realise their goals.

NEOS is well positioned to become a force in the transforming business loan industry as it enjoys a meaningful early-mover advantage and a five-year track record. Importantly, NEOS has been designed to scale. Our underwriting processes are fundamentally sound, and our technology partners are standard-setting in their respective competency fields. Through our journey and by enabling the future winners, we move towards a more innovative and sustainable ecosystem. Fast, transparent and above all, respectfully.

NEOS is also increasingly contracted to arrange program-based funding for a series of businesses in ESG compatible themes such as Energy, Sustainable Manufacturing, Housing and Waste to Energy Conversion.


What you can expect from us

As the economy landscape becomes more dynamic and volatile, timely attracting financing has proven to be a vitally important factor to companies. In response, we have established an efficient and transparent process that results in completing the entire procedure in a few weeks’ time.

  • Straightforward process - Transparent and intuitive to understand loan underwriting process

  • Speed of execution - High speed of execution and standardised loan documentation

  • Flexibility - Meaningful flexibility in terms of covenants, amortization paths, balloons

  • One stop shop - Coverage across debt spectrum

  • Scale - Potential larger hold sizes for loans


What we do

We always look ahead and help business owners build their future.


As business owner you most likely have enough ideas about how to grow your company, but do you have sufficient financial resources to make these plans a reality?

Financing innovation, expansion abroad or an extension of your personnel database requires a finance solution. For this, you need a financier who not only looks at the historic numbers but also at the performance of your company in the future. At NEOS we look ahead and are able to provide financing based on future cashflows.


Acquisition could turn out to be the best option to give your revenue a boost or to enable you to enter a new market. For investors, acquisitions often are important means to create return of investment.

A company or investor often does not have sufficient capital to finance an acquisition completely with his own resources. By making efficient use of finance solutions from NEOS, we can offer flexibility in the financing structure.


For continuous growth, you often require investments in tangible assets like an office building, machines or the development of unique software. Executing an investment plan quickly leads to the need of external financing.

The flexible finance solutions from NEOS ensure that the focus remains on the future cashflows and the growth potential of the company. Our focus on cashflows often results in us financing 100% of the investment. With a tailor-made financing structure, the company receives a lot of flexibility to continue to grow.



Business partners

We work closely with a network of experts consisting of corporate finance and debt advisors, investors, auditors, banks and business communities. In collaboration with this well-experienced network, our team of professionals is able to provide you with high quality financing solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs, and guide you throughout the process.